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Information on becoming a consultant

  • You will receive
  • You will receive
  • You will receive
  • You will receive
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  • Acquite Starter Kit
  • Familiarize
  • Use Networks to promote yourself
  • -Find hostesses
  • -Spread word of your business
  • Show off range of great products
  • Sale! Every sale logged with your code, you will receive fantastic commission for!
Payment Structure
Do you have an eye for business? 30% commission on every sale made with your discount code for as long as you are part of the Lovesations team!
We’ll help you make the most out of your business!
  • Buy your own products up front and create your own stock – Even bigger discounted rates for buying up front!
  • Consultants are more successful when they carry their own stock
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5% commission off any consultant underneath you!
Their earnings will be linked with yours!
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